1 Evil Eye Pink String Ethnic Bracelets Lucky Eye Charm Bead success Bracelet

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1 String Bracelets with Lucky Eye Beads and Colorful Design for success, good luck and protection from the Evil Eye.

This lovely handmade bracelet has lucky eye beads for good luck (against the evil eye) as well as other colorful beads. It is suitable for both small and large wrists.

The lucky eye charm is considered to be effective in warding off the influence of envious gazing.

It is believed that the envious glare of onlookers, even without any ill intentions, can cause divine repercussions. It could therefore be considered helpful to wear or display such an amulet from that point of view. It could also be of assistance simply to consistently remind one of their own fragility and weaknesses, and to help reflect this realization in day to day thoughts, speech and actions.

Product Features:

* Lot of 1 - Pink String Bracelets with Lucky Eye Beads for Evil Eye Protection
* Adjustable Pink String Bracelets with Lucky Eye Beads
* One Size Fits All with Adjustable Tie Cord
* This one size wristband is fully adjustable for both very small and very large sizes