24k GOLD PLATED Judaica Gift home Blessing décor STAR OF DAVID holy Wall Hanging

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Blessing for the Home - "Let no sadness come through this gate..."

It is believed that the one who hangs it in their house, will receive divine protection from the EVIL EYE and will in turn create positive energy, happiness, prosperity and good health

According to the Kabbalah, the triangle that is pointing up symbolizes our good deeds, which are directed towards heaven and then activate a flow of goodness that comes back down into the world, which is symbolized by the triangle that is pointing down.

The "Star of David" or Magen David as it is known in Hebrew literally means the "shield of David".

This package includes:

Gold plated STAR OF DAVID Hamsa Wall Hanging Home Blessing
Size of Hamsa - 15 cm / 5.9 inch
Quality Genuine Product