Bussiness Blessing Greeting Card Aluminium Metal Judaica Purse Wallet Holy gft

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This amulet Metal Judaica CARD is in a comfortable shape for Purse, Wallet ,office

It is believed that the one who hangs it in their house, will receive divine protection from the EVIL EYE and will in turn create positive energy, happiness, prosperity and good health

It is believed to be a way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or in general, as a way of summoning assistance from the "Hand of G-d".

This amulet will keep you safe and will remind you what is the secret of better life. Blessing Home: "…. Let this Work be filled with the blessing of joy and peace".

Product Features:

Hebrew Bussiness Blessing Greeting Card
Size of Hamsa - 8.7 cm / 5.4 cm
Aluminium Metal