Classic THIN ELEGANT Knitted Black Kippa Hat Jewish Holy scared cupola Yarmulke

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We wear a kippah as a sign of respect and to remind us that G-d is watching over us.

The Kippah signifies our awareness and submission to the presence of the Holy One Blessed Be He. These lovely woven exotic kippahs / head coverings / hats have a colorful pattern design and have small beads and mirrors embroidered into them

The kippah has some powerful references in Talmudic literature, where it is associated with a sincere reverence for G-d.

In Kiddushin 31a - R. Honah Ben Joshua declares that he "never walked four cubits with his head uncovered . . . Because the Divine Presence is always over my head." Berachot 60b, it is written, "When he spreads a cloth upon his head he should say: Blessed are you (G-d) . . . Who crowns Israel with splendor."

Product Features:

* 1 Knitted Jewish Kippah
* Size of Kippah - 15 CM