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Challah Cover-UK56156

A Shabbat challah cover is a decorated piece of cloth that is placed over two loaves of challah, covering the bread until the Kiddush has been recited on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

In the tradition that has been passed down from the Sages, the blessing of the bread should actually precede the blessing of the wine. In order for us to help preserve the priority of the wine, and to avoid causing "shame" for the bread which should be blessed first, the bread is considered “removed” by concealing it from our view with the challah cover.

Shabbat and Yom Tov Embroidered Challah Cover

The challah cover is used for covering the two braided loaves for Shabbat and holiday meals, with the challah representing for us the double portion of manna that fell and was gathered in the desert in honor of the Shabbat.

This package includes:

* 1 Challah Cover for Shabbat and the Holidays
* Size of Challah Cover - 41 x 51 cm