Jewish Israel Gold plated SHAVITI Wall Hanging Kabbalah Judaica zionism jewelry

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Traditional Judaica Shaviti Wall Hanging - Kabbalah Protection

In addition to the Special Name of G-d, other Names and verses are written upon this Shaviti, and are written in such a way as to take the shape of a menorah. Therefore, this is also sometimes referred to as a a "menorah".

It is an attractive item that is also quite comforting and a pleasure to have in your home or to give as a gift.

It is often a traditional custom to place in the home or in the synagogue in front of the "shaliach tzibur" or prayer leader, the Name of G-d.

This powerful Shaviti wall hanging, often called a menorah, is written in the shape of the menorah and serves to remind us constantly of the sovereignty of G-d. There are many mitzvot whose intention is to remind a person of his ultimate goal in life. These include the Shema, the mezuzah and tzitzit.

This package includes:

* 1 Traditional Jewish Shaviti "Menorah" Judaica Amulet Wall Hanging
* Shaviti constructed from Metal with small metal hamsa hands
Quality Genuine Product