Kosher Mezuza Mezuzah Klaf Scroll Parchment 12cm / 4.7" Jewish Judaica Israel

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100% Glatt Kosher 12 cm Klaf Parchment Scroll For Mezuzah

This handwritten Glatt Kosher Mezuzah Scroll is made in Israel and is written on an authentic Kosher Parchment written by a strictly kosher certified scribe in the Sephardic Style.

This klaf has been thoroughly inspected for strict kashrut and is produced by a highly qualified "Sofer Stam" and is a Glatt kosher mezuzah scroll. Additional Kosher certificate and documentation is available upon request.

This is a truly lovely item that is comforting to have on the doorpost of your home or to give as a truly special Judaica gift.

The Jewish mitzvah to place a mezuzah on the doorpost of the home comes from Deut. 6:4-9, a well known passage commonly referred to as the Shema.

In that passage, G-d commands us to keep His words constantly in our minds and in our hearts by writing them on the doorposts of our home.
The scroll is meant to be rolled up and placed in the case, so that the first letter of the Name (the letter Shin) is left visible. For this reason the letter Shin is often written on the outside of the case

Product Features:

* 1 Hand Written Glatt Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - written by a Certified Scribe
* Size of Klaf (Scroll) - 12 cm / 4.72 inch