MATZA / MATZOH Cover Jewish Classic Judaica Design PASSOVER Seder Pesach

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This beautifully designed cover provides places for the matzah during the Passover Seder

This holiday Passover Seder Plate is an elegantly designed item containing specific pockets for the matzah that is eaten in celebration of the exodus from Egypt.

Jewish Passover Seder Satin Fabric Cover Including 3 Pockets with Hebrew Inscription and a Classic Judaica Design

This is a special "Pesach" satin fabric cover that includes an inscription in Hebrew and contains 3 pockets for covering the matzah during the Jewish Passover Seder.

This package includes:

* 1 Passover Seder Matzah Cover with 3 Pockets and Classic Judaica Design
* Diameter of fabric cover - 38 cm / 14.82 inches