PEWTER Yad Hand for Sefer Jewish Torah scroll Pointer shabbat Kabbalah Judaica

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The Torah reader uses a pointer, often called a "yad", meaning "hand", to help follow the place in the scroll.

The torah pointer, made with the shape of a hand with an extended forefinger at the end of a long pointer, assists the reader of the text of the Torah, preventing possible error in reading and allowing the reader to follow place without touching the scroll.

This lovely Torah Pointer is decorated with a lovely artistic engraving

The Yad Torah Pointer is a long rod shape that is used for pointing out and following along with the words from the Torah reading. The traditional Torah pointers usually have a pointing finger of a hand at the end of the long stick.

Product Features:

* Yad Torah reader pointer
* Size - length 5.9 inches / 15 cm