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The dreidel or sevyvon is a four-sided top, and is a game traditionally played during the holiday of Hanukkah / Chanukah.

The connection to the game of dreidel goes back to the time of the Temple when the Jews were prohibited from studying Torah. They needed a way to hide their Torah learning and dreidel was often used as a decoy. When they saw others coming, the Jews would hide their Torah books and take out their dreidels, thus tricking them that they were just playing a simple harmless game.

This classic toy represents Hanukkah with the letters of the dreidel or sevyvon as it is celebrated from within Israel - "Nes Gadol Hayah Poh".

Outside of Israel, it is common to say "Nes gadol hayah sham" - 'A great miracle happened there' - meaning that the great miracle took place there, in Jerusalem.

This package includes:

* Jewish Dreidel with Artistic Jerusalem Design from Israel for Hanukkah
* Height of dreidel - 3.5 cm / 1.37 inches
* Diameter of dreidel: - 2 cm / 0.78 inches