Israel NETILAT YADAYIM Judaica stainless steel Jewish Shabbat Hand Washing Cup

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The traditional Jewish washing cup or Netilat Yadiyim Cup is used for ritual hand washing and is an essential part of the traditional Jewish household. Dotted with laser engraving, Jewish Washing Cups for Ritual Hand Washing

The water is traditionally poured from a "Netilat Yadiyim" washing cup, 3 times for each hand while alternating between the hands. Jewish law requires that the water used for ritual hand washing be naturally pure and unused, and should not contain any other substances

This classic washing cup has an attractive and comfortable design. This unique cup is useful for "Netilat Yadiyim" hand washing and is a lovely item to own or to give as a special judaica gift

Traditional Judaism requires ritual washing of the hands for a number of reasons including after a full night's sleep, before eating bread with a meal, after having going to the bathroom, during the Passover Seder, or at other times to remove impurity. Luck, Success, Life, Love, Peace, Health, Luck and Happiness

This package includes:

"Netilat Yadayim" stainless steel Hand Washing Cup. Dotted with laser engraving
Height - 11.5cm/4.5inch
Width of rim - 11cm/4.2inch
Width of handles 15cm/6inch